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Realtor For Kids

Our vision is to provide financial support that will strengthen the community values of our children and families by assisting the children of the Northern Black Hills. Encourage and support similar efforts of other REALTOR® Boards in their communities.

IN THE BEGINNING In 2003, a group of individuals from the Northern Black Hills Association of REALTORS® got together to discuss a way to address a growing need in our communities. As realtors, they recognized the need to build stronger communities by creating opportunities for the children. The group set out to develop a plan to raise funds to assist children that had a need that otherwise wasnt being met & a pair of soccer shoes, a clarinet, an insulin pump, whatever. The idea that started out as a fill in the gaps funding effort blossomed into a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation called REALTORS® for Kids, Inc. Thanks to the efforts and the generosity of the realtors and the support of the communities that they serve, today, the REALTORS® for Kids organization is more than just a fill in the gaps funding group. The organization has developed ties to other organizations and agencies that watch over and support our children. It has expanded its reach to help children and their families that have ongoing medical expenses, provide funding for children to attend pre-school, and assist children with clothing needs and much more.